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Graduate Work

I have worked on various multimedia projects at Temple University. I have expanded my skills and look forward to implementing them on future projects.

There is No Future in the Past

Elapse is a short film about a young man's addiction to memory inducing drug Elapse. Connor soon re-lives some of his memories and realizes that he needs to move on from the past.

I produced this film alongside 4 others student producers. We casted, filmed, and edited this short film together. To promote our short film we created website to share behind the scenes pictures, highlight cast and crew, and trailers. I assisted in the design of the website, created two short cast trailers, and wrote blogs posts that described our pre-production, production, and post-production process. 

Nathan Buck took on the role of Connor, who is addicted to a memory inducing drug Elapse. After, Connor takes a dangerously high dosage of Elapse we are taken through Connor's memory and realize that perhaps we are the least reliable narrators in our own lives. 

Nia Golden takes on the important role of Abigail, Connor's best friend, the only person who is there for him as his addiction worsens. 

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