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Undergraduate Work

I created the following works between Fall 2019 and Fall 2020 semesters. I experienced both in-person and asynchronous production classes that provided different experiences. 

In Fall 2019, I created news segment style videos, mainly focusing on short profiles. My professor emphasized the idea of using the resources available to us such as our cell phones and free video editing software. In this class we viewed our drafts as a class and provided feedback for the final draft. 

On the other hand, Fall 2020 is where I took an asynchronous productions class that focused on various styles of videos. Initially the asynchronous aspect was an obstacle since I had no previous experience with that structure. Through communicating with my professor and using YouTube videos I was able to improve my production skills. 

Plantain Empanada Promotional Video

This assignment required us to create an ad for an organization or a product. Given COVID-19 our options were limited, so I decided to create my video on the plantain. 

Plantains are a versatile fruit, that can be used unripe and ripe which can be cooked in a multitude of ways and can be enjoyed by anyone. 

I shot this video using an iPhone, and edited my clips using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

I created the following videos in my Broadcast Reporting class during my Fall 2019 semester. In this class, we created videos in the format that would be featured in a news segment, everything was filmed on an iPhone and edited with iMovie to show how far digital media has come. With the guidance of my professor I was able to show two groups deserving of a spotlight; the New Brunswick community and women in sports.  

The New Brunswick community is seen as a separate entity from Rutgers University, however Rutgers was built around the city so it is important to acknowledge the residents of this city.

I also decided to create a piece on the Rutgers University Women's Rugby team. This was a challenge as I was in the middle of the field with the players, and I did not want to interfere with their practice. 

Community Garden Bed Cleanup

The Rutgers Bonner Leaders are a civically engaged work study program that focus on sustainable, long-lasting programs in the New Brunswick community. The community garden beds are affordable ways in which residents can grow their fruits, vegetables, or flowers that may not be sold in U.S supermarkets.

New Brunswick Community Annual Turkey Drive

The New Brunswick community holds an annual turkey drive for its residents. All they need to do is show proof that they live in New Brunswick to receive their turkey. November 2019 was the first time they gave away ALL the turkeys!

Rutgers University Women's Rugby Team

In the Fall 2019, the RU women's rugby team was in the process of rebuilding, as they had previously lost many experienced seniors. Their captain, Christina Froelich, showed me what a typical practice is like in addition to what she hopes for the future of the team.

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