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Media Samples

I am the lead content creator and video editor at Princeton Hydro. I maintain the company's voice, aesthetics, and message of environmental protection. 

At Princeton Hydro I have supported in the brainstorming of blogs, conducted interviews, and produced long form video content. 

Women's History Month

This Women's History Month I interviewed three female staff members about their career paths and how they would encourage other women to pursue careers/environmental positions. 

Facebook Live: Spring Garden Tips and Tricks

I hosted our first Facebook Live of the year featuring some of Princeton Hydro's Green thumbs. I set up the connecting livestream on Zoom and Facebook. Additionally, I created all marketing materials for this event. 

Green Roofs for Stormwater Management

A green roof is a roof that is fully or partially covered in plants and waterproof media that helps reduce stormwater runoff. For this blog I assisted in the production of a short informational video about green roofs. 

Client Spotlight: Seatuck Environmental Association

This blog is the first hybrid client blog that Princeton Hydro has created. I introduced the idea of recording zoom interviews with our clients to better highlight our clients and their relationship with the firm. 

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